LFO Two panel

Presenting a dual LFO module to fill your MU format needs.

Based on the LFO found in the MS20.
  • Shape control varies the waveshape at the mult'ed Shape Out jack, from saw to triangle to ramp. Shape control simultaneously adjusts the width of the Pulse wave output.
  • Range switch control. Runs from just under audio rate to a low of approximately 4 minutes per cycle.
  • Reset input restarts cycle when signal rising is above 1V and is great for getting the LFO in time with drummers, beat machines, etc. The point where the wave will reset to is selectable via pcb jumper: Hi, Low or 0V.
Based on the LFO found in the ARP Odyssey
  • Runs down to 30 seconds per cycle. Low Range jumper enables low times of approximately 2.5 minutes per cycle
  • Sine wave and square wave outputs.

Many pcb jumper selected options (nine of them!) so users can easily customize their module to suit their needs.

MU format (will fit in synthesizers.com and STG cabinets and rack frames)

Built with love and care in Chicago using high quality parts including:

Click here to download the PDF user guide.

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New version coming soon

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