Delta VCF

Delta VCF panel

  The Delta VCF is more than just a clone of the filter section from a vintage synth of the same name. All of the supporting circuitry has been changed and additional features were added.

  Includes a high quality, independent VCA, so it's like two modules in one. Linear AC coupled FM input is rare on a VCF. At low settings it works well in adding depth to bass and horn like sounds. Some settings and input combinations produce wildly chaotic results. There is a wide variety of in-between sounds to be had.

  MU format (will fit in and STG cabinets and rack frames)

Built with love and care in Chicago using high quality parts including:

Click here to download the PDF user guide.

Price: $285.00 + shipping OUT OF STOCK
Email me with your address for a total with shipping.

Sound Samples

Thanks to doctorvague for posting a YouTube video which demonstrated some of the capabilities of the Delta VCF module. Click here to see the video.

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